Helvete: A Journal of Black Metal Theory
Issue 3: Bleeding Black Noise

Itinerant Philosophy: On Alphonso Lingis by Bobby George and Tom Sparrow, Editors

Blood & Soul by Allen G. Bagby

Networks and Neighbours 2.1 (2014): Comparisons and Correlations

Build Wealth & Spend It All by Stanley Riggs
Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies 2013.2: Ontological Anarché: Beyond Materialism and Idealism

Leg Brace Legato
Leg Brace Legato by Robert Krantz

Animal, Vegetable, Mineral
Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: Ethics and Objects by Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, Editor

Ostranenie: On Shame and Knowing by M.H. Bowker

Helvete: A Journal of Black Metal Theory

Divine Name Verification
Divine Name Verification: An Essay on Anti-Darwinism, Intelligent Design, and the Computational Nature of Reality by Noah Horwitz

Last Day Every Day
Last Day Every Day: Figural Thinking from Auerbach and Kracauer to Agamben and Brenez by Adrian Martin

Project Lion
Project Lion: The Candidate by J.L. Wolfe