Monday, May 21, 2018

Kyla-Maree Simcoke's The Distance Between Us — Now Published!

The Distance Between Us

Check out the excellent new medical thriller from Kyla-Maree Simcoke, her debut novel, now published in paperback and e-book form, and available soon in hardcover! Congratulations to Simcoke on all her hard work on the book, which we at Editwright absolutely loved helping with.

Editwright team members worked with Simcoke on every aspect of this book's publication, including developmental editing; copyediting; proofreading, the book's design, layout, and formatting for e-book; website design; and publicity. But the real props go to the author herself, who wrote and published a clever and engaging mystery that follows characters through international intrigue.

Curious to know more? Visit Simcoke's website at and order the book on Amazon.

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  1. Could not put this book down, excellent love, murder thriller. Kyla-Maree’s writing keeps you wanting to read. I can’t wait for her next novel.