Thursday, May 25, 2017

Jedi Book Marketing Workshop with Dr. Judith Briles, July 22

Publishing expert Dr. Judith Briles, "The Book Shepherd," will be leading a special workshop for the St. Louis Publishers Association on July 22: "Jedi Book Marketing." And if you register before June 1, you'll be automatically entered to win a FREE one-hour consultation with Dr. Briles!

Dr. Briles will be teaching:

  • How to create a plan that’s a fit for your book and your buyer.
  • How to identify which social media platforms to use and which to dump.
  • Why and how to use the cyber town hall to position a book launch.
  • How to “ride the draft” of your competitors.
  • How to get your name out there and get recognized while keeping your sanity.
  • How to discover freebies that will tickle your book marketing fancy.
  • How to create branding that waves a flag to your buyers.
  • How being quirky can get followers to open your tweets, postings and blogs.
  • How your author profile can kill your book sales and how to fix it pronto.
  • Why authors should create a no-brainer newspaper.
  • Why QVC and The Shark Tank are important to all authors.
  • Why taking a contrarian position can soar media presence and book sales.
  • How to develop a social media network, making the most of community events.
  • How to resurrect a tired older book (and sometimes author).

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