Monday, April 24, 2017

When Hiring a Full-time Editor Just Doesn’t Make Sense

Copyediting and proofreading are basic needs in publishing any kind of writing, and yet for many the costs of hiring copyeditors and proofreaders are just impractical. Staffing agency Robert Half recently published a salary guide which shows that starting wages in St. Louis are $42,075 for entry-level proofreaders (and up to $77,220 for experienced proofreaders) and $55,688 for copyeditors (and up to $106,920 for experienced copyeditors).

So if you need to publish lots of content every day, you could reasonably hire a novice editor for as little as $20–$30/hour. But if your business doesn’t publish enough content to hire a full-time editor, it clearly makes more sense to hire them for individual projects than to keep them on the payroll.

But hiring freelance editors for short-term projects can be complicated. After all, they need to earn a full-time living, and so they’re frequently busy working on multiple projects simultaneously, and you can never know whether the great freelancer you hired last time is going to be available next time —and properly vetting a new freelancer is (let’s face it) impossible for someone who isn’t an experienced editor themselves, not to mention it can be time-consuming even for a professional editor.

Editwright strives to solve these problems on both ends — hiring excellent, professional proofreaders and copyeditors, tested and proven to be the best, and providing expert project management to deliver affordable proofreading and copyediting to businesses without sacrificing quality or wasting time.

We keep copyeditors and proofreaders employed and make editing easy for businesses of all sizes. To talk about your business’s copyediting or proofreading needs, send us a message. Prices for most projects are simple, and getting an estimate is just a click away.

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  1. Thank you so much for this great read. Everyone should follow these tips to hire a full time freelancer. I have hired a freelancer last week and his service is cheap.