Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Helvete 3 Now Published

Helvete 3: Bleeding Black Noise

Helvete 3 is freshly published!

Many thanks to Amelia Ishmael and Eileen Joy for the massive work that went into this issue, as well as all the contributors: Gast BouschetFaith ColocciaNadine HilbertBagus JalangAlessandro KeeganMax KuiperKyle McGeeSusanne PrattSimon PröllMichaël SellamNathan Snaza, and Bert Stabler. And extra thanks to Chris Piuma for the gorgeous cover design:

Helvete 3: Bleeding Black Noise

This third issue of Helvete: A Journal of Black Metal Theory, “Bleeding Black Noise,” features artwork and essays that focus on the sonic aspects of Black Metal, specifically its interactions with Noise — the interruptions, creations, and destructions of signals. “Bleeding Black Noise” is a revision of Steven Parrino’s statement, “My relation between Rock and visual art: I will bleed for you.” In this issue, Rock is replaced with Noise, and Bleeding is celebrated as a release of the Black Noise — raw energy and formless potential. The essays and art portfolios included here experiment with sonic and conceptual feedback, as well as the way that black noise works through feedback as a process, resonating as background hums or drones, and cascading in foregrounded screams.