Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Editorial Consulting Services

Andrew Doty provides all of Editwright's consultative editorial services, including:

Manuscript Evaluations

Every Manuscript Evaluation begins with a conversation about
  1. your publishing goals and wishes and
  2. what you feel like your manuscript is about.
Then, I will read the manuscript and provide you with a detailed report including
  1. my evaluation of the manuscript's strengths and weaknesses,
  2. recommendations for improving and revising the story,
  3. suggestions for further action and next steps, and
  4. a list of target publications and agents (if relevant and requested).
This type of evaluation can be provided for any type of text, whether it's a 300-word op ed or a 100,000-word philosophical essay. 

A manuscript evaluation is a great way to get a succinct, professional opinion of your writing along with trustworthy advice for the smallest financial investment.

Developmental Editing

When an author needs some hands-on help developing a full manuscript, I provide it in the form of feedback, suggestions, brainstorming, and critique. Any unfinished manuscript is a candidate for developmental editing, but the quality of the match between writer and editor is absolutely crucial. For effective developmental editing, the two must be on the same page and work together as a closely communicating partnership.

This process can take a manuscript from any stage — whether just a concept, a skeletal outline, or a rough sketch — to a finished first draft, ready for copyediting or substantive editing.

Substantive Editing

Although substantive editing sometimes loses its identity between developmental editing and copyediting, it is still an important part of the organization and presentation of a book. A substantive editor queries the writer frequently and challenges the arrangement and makeup of the material. 

Substantive editing cannot begin before the manuscript is at least a complete draft, and it will be ready for copyediting by the end of the process.

Do you think you might need one of these three editorial services? Take my quick, interactive quiz to find out!

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  1. This is all great copy, although what do you charge for each phase?

    1. Thank you! I provide custom estimates (and sometimes discounts!) for each project because of how many variables there can be. Read more at