Monday, March 31, 2014

Great Writers: Upcoming Call for Submissions

by Bravebird Publishing

Great writers are properly invested in their books because they've put the work into it. We look for evidence of this when considering new authors. The great ones have poured their blood, sweat, and tears into their novel, and they've challenged themselves even when inundated with praise and five-star reviews, because that is the price of greatness.

1.  A great writer seeks greatness.

Once you aspire to greatness there are some things you just can't tolerate, like typos and spelling errors every other page or a storyline that doesn't quite hit its mark. Your readers may be willing to overlook these things, but if you're passionate about your craft, then you won't.

2.  A great writer calls a spade a spade.

Sure, you can like a story that's poorly written just like you can hate a story that is well written. Your feelings don't change the state of the writingthat is black and white. Either it's ready or it's not, and you have to be the first judge of this.

3.  A great writer craves substantive criticism and isn't afraid to go back to the drawing board.

When pursuing and grooming authors, we take a simple approach. We view the writer as a partner. We evaluate her before turning our focus to the writing. Traditional publishers are primarily concerned about what they deem as marketable. While we all enjoy money and commercial success, we are not willing to sacrifice our values or integrity to achieve it. This means Bravebird Publishing will never add or drop an author based solely on sales projections. We keep authors for the same reasons that we sign them: we believe in their story and message. So, as long as she is committed to making her work the best that it can be, she will have our full support.

4.  A great writer makes the reader believe in something.

This can not simply be a fantasy world that includes elves, goblins, and witches that worship tress. The writer needs to convince the reader of something intangible, something that can't be imagined, like our protagonist's cause or perspective on morality. Essentially, the story must exist on a higher level that works in tandem with the plot.

We've been fortunate to meet many fabulous writers with great story ideas, but to be a good fit at Bravebird Publishing a writer must be great at her craft and master her message. We do one thingfeminist fiction. We consider all genres, authors of all genders, as long as the protagonist is female and the story is empowering. We want you to tell the story that only you were meant to tell. A story that you believe in with a premise that hits home for you. Is a happy ending necessary? Nope. Think of it like this. Take the best story you've ever seen/heard/read. A character that overcomes insurmountable odds... Shows incredible strength and fortitude... Denzel Washington in John Q. Idris Elba in Mandela. Harrison Ford in The Fugitive. Now make him a woman. Have you ever considered it? What about the character would have to change? Everything? Nothing? What would Star Wars have been if Luke and Leia switched places?

Our readers look to us for stories that make them feel and think. No cliches. No stereotypes. No Prince Charming coming to save the day. Princess So-and-so is just going to have to save herself.

If you think you'd be a great fit at Bravebird Publishing, fine tune your story, because we will begin accepting submissions this summer. In the meantime visit us here:

Bravebird Publishing is a boutique publisher, publishing fiction from a feminist prospective. Our work centers around characters that reflect the diversity and strength of real women.