Thursday, September 6, 2012

Messy Murder

Today, Mr. Stan Carey shares with us a particularly striking crash blossom which forces its discerning readers to deliberate whether a human can murder a vehicle.

"Girl found alive in France murders car"

What he points out in this post is the way sentence structuring can guide a reader through an idea by establishing the key points one at a time. In comprehensive editing, an editor will often rearrange sentences and the words in them so that the reader never feels lost or misled.

Often writers are excited about their ideas and want to put them down on the page as quickly as possible. What this can lead to is too much of an idea being expressed at once, causing confusing semantics. Like when you try explaining the dream you had last night, and you find yourself saying, "Wait, but before that happened—," and you know your audience is getting confused.

Don't worry about it. We editors take care of this all the time. Writers, keep writing what you want to write, and don't limit yourself. What the world needs is more creativity, all the time. Editors take care of the boring bits.