Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sweepify, sweepify.

Chad R. Allen hits it on the head with this abridged writing textbook, written for Rachelle Gardner's blog. These are thirteen writing tips that can help not only, as Allen says, "to reduce boredom among your readers", but also to kick start your reading if you're suffering from writer's block!

Mr. Allen smiles for the camera.

Do you know the story you want to tell the reader but can't figure out just how to say it best? Just write what's in your head! This isn't an exam! You can put the story's skeleton down on the paper now, then go back and flesh it out later. That's called revision, and there's no limit to how much of it you can do!

Are you afraid that you'll have too many sloppy sentences when your writing is done? That's why we editors are here! Chances are, you're going to have to go through one of us anyway before you get published, so why not just leave that work for later? Our job is to clean up your text and make it look as good as possible! Consider us the housekeepers and lawncare specialists of the house that is your book! You can live in it however you want, and we'll tidy it up for you!

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