Friday, August 24, 2012

Hand in Hand

This post from The Blood-Red Pencil highlights the necessity for symbiosis between author and editor. First-time clients of mine often express nervousness about having their content changed. The process, however, couldn't be more of a joint work.
It isn't an assembly line in which the author finishes the work and passes it on to the editor to finish. Editors work with authors, showing them areas that could use improvement and making recommendations while leaving control in the hands of the authors. It's a back-and-forth exchange, not a takeover.

When you hire an editor, you're hiring someone to take your work and make it better, not someone who will take your work and hijack it.
Editors do note where changes/additions need to be made and do, now and then, write some material to show the author the kind of change or addition that is needed. The good editor, however, will never insist on the use of his or her own words by any author, but will explain why such a change is in the best interest of both author and story.
Working in sync with authors who are open to constructive criticism and clear about how they want their works to be improved makes an editor's job a dream. Hopefully, working with editors who clarify murky documents can be just as enjoyable for authors.

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